Kelsy Johnson
Shelly Botsfard administering treatments. (Megan Milbradt)

(Megan Milbradt)

Shelly Botsford at Pure Skin has been working in aesthetics since 2007. Her current practice has been open since 2011, and it features a variety of injection, facial and laser services. When patients arrive at her clinic, she encourages them to consider a combination of procedures to reach their intended result.

“There are many things we can use to reach that end goal, but it’s usually not just one thing,” Botsford says.

Botsford used multi-modality, the combination of treatments, with Jean Schafer, a 50-year-old Bismarck woman. Schafer had a large scar on the bridge of her nose from a motorcycle accident. She also had prominent naso labial lines and some rosacea. Like most of Botsford’s patients, Schafer would need a combination of treatments to address her concerns.

The primary treatment Botsford used in her session with Schafer was a liquid facelift, which typically involves both botox to relax the muscles in the face and filler to fill crevices left by the aging process. In the case with Schafer, filler was used the area where her scar had left a crevice.

Botsford says the results from a liquid facelift last between six months to a year and a half. The procedure can buy patients some time if they are considering surgical means to improve their appearance. Unlike surgery, a liquid facelift will produce results almost instantly for people like Schafer.

“There was no social downtime,” Botsford said. “She was able to go back to work that afternoon.”

Schafer also received some pulse light therapy to lighten the skin where she had some rosacea, and she also had lip augmentation to replace the subcutaneous fat that had broken down with age.

Botsford says patients can typical liquid facelift would benefit women in their 40s, but that all depends on a number of genetic and environmental factors that affect the aging process.

Pure Skin is relocating to the new Broadway Center in June. As part of the move, Botsford will be expanding services to include a new laser to for deeper facial resurfacing. At the new location, she will also start offering injections of spider veins in the legs.

Kelsy Johnson, a native of Bismarck, works as a freelance reporter and nonprofit writer in Fargo. She divides her time between her two passions: storytelling and martial arts.