Michelle Farnsworth
Adrina Brogden. (19 TV Ltd., FremantleMedia North America, Inc. & FOX)

Adrina Brogden performing on American Idol. (19 TV Ltd., FremantleMedia North America, Inc. & FOX)

In the 13th season of American Idol, Harwood, N.D. native, Andrina Brogden, actually born in Bismarck, was one of the top 30 finalists. Andrina's fresh look and solid voice caught the attention of the star-studded panelist of judges.

Following her initial appearance on American Idol and right before her performance on the live telecasts, Be Magazine had a conversation with Andrina Brogden before heading off to Hollywood to compete.

Q: Your uncles are in The Blenders. Is that where you got your love for performing, or did singing just come naturally for you?

A: My family is a very musical family, so I've always sung around the house and I would watch my grandma sing at church, and I would sing with her. I did get that from my two uncles, because I watched them when they were on tour. I would think that's something I would be interested in doing one day. I've always looked up to them for that.

Q: I saw some videos of you performing online, and I had to giggle because there were grain silos behind you. Where were you performing?

A: It was the Prosper Centennial. My family lives in Harwood right now, but Prosper is just a little town with, like, an elevator, and it turned 100 years old this year and we had a reunion with family members, so I performed in front of my family.

Q: I think people are interested in knowing a little bit about the machine of American Idol. Are all of those interviews conducted prior to your appearance or after?

A: There are a whole bunch of interviews throughout the entire process. There is a lot of waiting. There is a lot of down time before you go sing for the judges. So basically, whenever you're sitting around, they have you say a little something; ask you how you're feeling. And they do interviews all day.

Q: Now you have made it into the 30, now what are you going to do? What are the next steps?

A: Next step is the live shows. And I'm getting ready and perfecting my songs that I chose. Mentally and emotionally preparing myself for whatever might come. Whether it be good or bad -- just getting ready to be on national TV, actually putting the cameras on my face. I need to prepare myself and get ready to perform. And sing my little heart out and make people feel something with my song.

Q: I loved watching your audition and the way you appeared. You came under the radar, you dressed casually, didn't appear to have a whole of make-up on. I'm guessing that's just your look?

A: Yeah, my look is natural. I don't put too much stuff on.

Q: You don't need to because you're beautiful and once you opened your mouth and sing, your voice did all the talking, and the judges related to that immediately. How does it feel to have those superstars critique and compliment your voice like that?

A: It was really scary during the auditions, just because I critiqued myself and that wasn't my best performance, and then to have them say it wasn't really that great, but you have something. That was scary but at the same time good. Basically they're a really a great judges panel. I'm so happy that I decided to audition this year while they were judging, because they really don't have any of that stuff that they show on TV. They really do have a pretty good chemistry. They don't fight like they have done in previous years and even though I walked into that audition room for the first time really nervous, because I had a lot of time to think in that little box and reflect and try not to forget my lyrics. So when I walked in there, besides being a little bit star struck when I saw them and thinking that this is really surreal, they just have a really calming presence. You see them and just feel a little bit better, because they just smile at you and say, "Hi." I really enjoy their judging.

Q: What happened in Hollywood Week that made you stronger and what gives you the strength to go forward and push through to the live performances?

A: I took Jennifer's (Lopez) advice to heart. She had told me that I needed to just go in a room and scream, because I had too much fear in my voice, and I wasn't giving my all. And she could tell that I had more-- which is totally true, I really did. But I was just really nervous in that moment. And I think in Hollywood Week, I took a little more risk and I was more myself, and I just had fun. I didn't stress too much about what was going on, I was just really in the moment. Grateful that I was there and I was having fun and taking in the experience. And I was more fearless, and I think that's helped me so far to get through Hollywood Week. I think it's going to help me forward going into the competition; the live rounds. Being fearless and just being myself, doing me. That's what is going to make a big impact.

Q: I found another video of you that evidently one of your uncles made of you when you were a little girl. You were dancing and spinning around.

A: (giggling) ... yeah ...

Q: You are just enjoying life and you can see there's this little sparkle in your eye and you're really cute.

A: It's so obnoxious ... (giggling)

Q: I wonder, is that little girl still inside of you spinning around? Is she going to spin right into the spotlight?

A: Oh my gosh! I'm still that little girl. I was just watching that back and I was like, Oh my gosh, I was just a crazy wild child. Just excited with life, and I'm totally still that girl. And I hope that shows in my singing and I hope that shows in my performance. I think that's really going to push me forward. And if people can see that, then that will make me really relatable and hopefully people will like me because of that.

Michelle Farnsworth loves travel, writing, photography, daily devotions, gardening, making jewelry and finding old treasures. Her greatest accomplishment is her two sons, who bring life, love and laughter to her each day.