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Do you feel like you look angry, tired or frowning when nothing is wrong? This is a common ailment for those seeking Botox and cosmetic fillers. SKIN at the Institute of Facial Surgery offers these treatments to rid you of frown lines, boost your cheeks and make you look your best. Plus, with the plastic surgery services of Dr. John Stanley combined with Botox and cosmetic fillers optimal facial results are possible.

For an investment ranging from $200-$250 for Botox injections to $400-$650 for cosmetic fillers you can see improvement in the forehead, facial parenthesis, crows feet, eye wrinkles, lips and other locations. At SKIN they believe "when you look good, you feel good."

Anxiety is normal according to nurse practitioner Miranda Stanley. "Most women in North Dakota want the Botox or cosmetic fillers to look natural and will avoid at all cost the look of Real Housewives Reality shows," Miranda Stanley said.

Botox is FDA approved for treatment on anyone 18 and older. You can start the process by booking a consultation at SKIN where you will discuss your skin concerns and desired outcome. From there a unique, personalized service plan will be designed to give you your desired look. You could begin Botox or cosmetic fillers that day with injection time running no longer than 30 minutes. Allot an hour if you are a first time patient. If you desire Botox or cosmetic fillers injections for a special event Miranda Stanley advises to book your appointment two weeks in advance as "Botox takes 3-5 days to start working and 7-10 days to reach maximum results. It's also important to plan for the fact that you may bruise, and you want plenty of time to allow those bruises to fade." Risks associated with Botox and cosmetic fillers are bleeding, swelling, bruising, the risk of unwanted paralysis of a muscle that the client did not want treated, allergic reactions, lingering lumps and bumps and in rare cases skin cell death.

SKIN at the Institute of Facial Surgery prides itself on natural results and a "conservative injection" process so the patient looks as natural and youthful as possible. Botox injections can last for 3-6 months and do require touch ups. Cosmetic fillers can stay fresh anywhere from 6 months to 2 years with touch ups needed after that time period. A few fun facts:

* Cosmetic fillers can help stimulate skin collagen

* Botox has been known to act a mild anti-depressant which both are great side benefits to treatment.

SKIN nurse practitioner Miranda Stanley advises clients, not to feel guilty or vain in wanting to improve their appearance and to consider Botox or cosmetic fillers "like a haircut or new outfit, when you look good you feel good." Botox and cosmetic fillers have helped men and women feel their best for the past 25 years. In Miranda Stanley's words "of all the treatments that SKIN provides, consistently Botox and cosmetic fillers offer the most beauty bang for your buck."

For more information, contact SKIN at the Institute of Facial Surgery at 701-255-4000, or visit them online at beautyisinthei.com.

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