Heather Hollermann
Revamp an Old Shirt - Step 2 (Heather Hollermann)

Revamp an Old Shirt - Step 4 (Heather Hollermann)

Revamp an Old Shirt - Finished look (Heather Hollermann)

A Custom Jewelry Steal - Step 2 (Heather Hollermann)

A Custom Jewelry Steal - Step 3 (Heather Hollermann)

A Custom Jewelry Steal - Finished look (Heather Hollermann)

Is your wardrobe lacking pizzazz? Try adding some unique, one-of-a kind pieces to spice up your wardrobe. These easy do-it-yourself projects can help you get the most out of your wardrobe by creating unique looks that won't break the bank.

Revamp an Old Shirt

What you'll need:

* An old shirt of any sleeve length

* A pair of scissors

* 1 inch square of Velcro

* Super glue

Step 1: Grab an old shirt--ideally one you still like but never wear. Lay it out on a flat surface with the front of the shirt facing down. Make sure the seams of the shirt are in line and that the shirt is not wrinkled.

Step 2: Grab your scissors. In the back of the shirt, begin to cut a straight line up middle--all the way through the collar.

Step 3: Take the Velcro and pull it apart so that the rough and soft sides are separated. Superglue the rough side of the Velcro to one of the outside corners of the shirt. Take the soft side of Velcro and superglue it to the inside opposite corner of the shirt.

Step 4: Once the glue dries, Velcro the corners together. This will create an open-back effect on the shirt. Cutting the shirt also makes it looser and flowier, so don't be afraid to use a shirt that is a little too tight.

A Custom Jewelry Steal!

What You'll Need:

* Pictures

* Scissors

* Jewelry/metal glue

* Jewelry Chains

* Plain pendant (I used round ones)

* Clear, round epoxy stickers

Step 1: Print out whatever pictures you would like on the pendant. The pendants are small so you don't want the pictures to be too big.

Step 2: Grab an epoxy sticker. Place the sticker onto the part of the picture you'd like to capture in the pendant. Press down on the sticker so that it sticks firmly to the picture.

Step 3: Once the picture and epoxy sticker are secure, use the scissors to cut around the edge of the sticker.

Step 4: Grab the pendant and jewelry/metal glue. Add a little glue onto the plain pendant where you'd like the picture to go. Be careful not to get any glue on your hands (it's hard to wash off)!

Step 5: Place the picture on to the plain pendant. Press down with one finger to secure.

Step 6: Once the glue has set, string the pendant onto the chain.

Heather Hollermann is a freelance writer focused on creativity and personal style. She is a strong believer that fashion is a way of expressing yourself -- a dynamic work of art in which you live. When she isn't working on her novel, Heather can be found reading, shopping, traveling, and binge-watching television series. She is a lover of history, dark lipstick, and baked goods.