Sara Volk


I receive an abnormal amount of joy from feeding people. Ask any of my friends, and they'll tell you that there's always food at my house. I offer them a snack before they've even finished taking off their shoes and I'm offering leftovers when they're on their way out the door. My reputation as a foodie (and, in particular, my love of baking) preceded me in college; classmates I'd never even met would already know to ask me to make "one of those fancy desserts" whenever we had a class potluck.

Whether I'm pulling together a hearty dish of chicken and dumplings or baking a batch of macarons (not to be mistaken for macaroons -- two entirely different cookies!), food is my lifeblood. So it comes as no surprise that I've been heartily anticipating the "Be a Foodie" issue all year, since it gives me the excuse to indulge my adoration for the culinary arts. I couldn't wait to dig into the samplings of all of Be's contributors, and perhaps find a few new ways to enrich my own experiences with food.

Whether you're trying a new recipe or making an old favorite, food is one of the best ways to share and celebrate life. Everyone always reminds you to stop and smell the roses; sometimes, it's okay to stop and enjoy a good meal, too!

Here's to all your culinary adventures to come. May your seasoning be perfect, may your souffles never sink and may your next new recipe be a winner. Bon appetit!

Sara Volk is a Bismarck native and the current Special Sections editor at The Bismarck Tribune. When she isn't working to give her cat a better life, she dabbles in baking, sewing and anything nerdy.