Heather Hollermann


There is nothing quite like stepping outside on a cold winter's night; the air so frigid it takes your breath away while nipping at your cheeks. When you're able to breathe again, the air is crisp, sharp, clear.

The average temperature in Bismarck, North Dakota in December is 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The newly fallen snow, light as feathers on the ground, sparkles in the light of the street lamps like magic dust.

Bismarck, North Dakota averages 51.6 inches of snow per year.

With every step, a soft crunching sound fills your ears. It's such a simple thing, but it brings a smile to your face, reminding you that you have a friend in Jack Frost.

The personification of winter, the mischievous character of Jack Frost has been referenced in popular culture since the 18th century.

Houses around the neighborhood illuminate the night with their vibrant colors and festive, glow in the dark statues.

Bismarck gets just under 9 hours of sunlight in December, and nightly temperatures can average 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

The night is silent; no one is around. You greet the silence as an old friend, smiling and laughing. Long gone are the blazing summer nights that never cease to end; now begins the season of somber peace.

The famous carol "Silent Night" was written in 1816 by a German priest named Joseph Mohr.

You walk slowly, cautiously down your driveway towards the street where your car is parked. In the place where the driveway ends and the street begins, a thin layer of ice floats above the curb. You smile excitedly. The brittle ice snaps under the weight of your foot. The sound is so satisfying, you let out a giggle. Music to your ears.

An ice puddle occurs when a thin layer of ice has no water underneath.

With a peppermint mocha in hand and a blanket scarf draped loosely around your neck, running errands doesn't seem so bad.

Starbucks calls their peppermint mocha "a holiday classic made with our signature espresso, steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce and peppermint-flavored syrup. It's all topped off with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls."

You're looking forward to the stores all alight with wreaths and red velvet bows and shimmering lights and glistening smiles.

A warm sensation washes over you despite the ever-dropping temperatures outside.

According to an article published in the New York Times, we actually are happier than usual on holidays. In fact, Christmas Day, though not celebrated by everyone, is the happiest day of the year by a significant margin.

There is no known definition of holiday spirit, but this year, reflect on your favorite parts of the season. Cherish them and those memories -- even the little ones.

Heather Hollermann is a freelance writer focused on creativity and personal style. She is a strong believer that fashion is a way of expressing yourself -- a dynamic work of art in which you live. When she isn't working on her novel, Heather can be found reading, shopping, traveling, and binge-watching television series. She is a lover of history, dark lipstick, and baked goods.